why xarowe is haram 2

NSFWWritten by DanjayeXarowe's mighty volcano dripped with a white-hot sticky substance that burned the floorboards beneath it. Greyberet and Pidjy stood at the ready, waiting for another blast. Garonium jumped high into the air and landed on them, crushing them flat with his massive hairy balls. Each one was thicker than a pencil-- the two hired guns writhed underneath in disgust and pain.
Xarowe let out a hearty laugh that echoed throughout the room, making them shiver. It was distinguishably cold, making them feel as though the room's temperature had dropped below zero. However, it was still a bright summer day outside, and snow was tens of miles away.
"Let him go, Xarowe," Greyberet said. He feared for Pidjy's health-- he had taught the young pupil for years, readying themselves for this very moment. Yet everything was going wrong. "If you do, I will grant you remarkable Beret strength."
Xarowe considered this proposition, but made no remark. He sat there for a few seconds longer before hobbling out of the room. Grey and Pidjy sighed in relief, enjoying the fresh air. Pidjy still seemed tense, however.
"Aren't we supposed to go after him?" Pidjy said, staring at Greyberet in disbelief. "How can we just let him go?"
"We need to practice more," Greyberet said, preparing a cup of tea. (Who knows where the tea came from.) "Afterwards, we'll be able to properly defeat him and regain your honor." Pidjy stirred but did not respond.


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