EOL Notice: danjaye.net, UserBlogs, and more...

Written by DanjayeIf you have been redirected here, it means that the program/app/page you were trying to view has reached its EOL (End Of Life). Development has been stopped therein, which means that serious security standards could be overlooked in a future where it remains open for use. Please continue reading below.


I do not select fully-functional and well-made projects from my collection to discontinue. My decision is based on when the program was created, the time it has been up, the time I hypothesized it would stay up, its utility purpose, etc.
Even though it may pain me to cancel such programs, it is of necessity to keep my projects clean and secure, available for anyone on the Web in a way that one can remain carefree, worrying not about viruses or other bothersome matters. Keep in mind that with the death of a project, there is always a chance for a new one (e.g. UserBlogs and BLOC).

danjaye.net, UserBlogs, danhost.us

On this note, I will also announce the discontinuation of some of my lesser initiatives, and state my position on the hosting services I provide. The entirety of danhost.us shall remain active (excluding the programs I've scheduled for cancellation) and free to use for anyone on the Web. The site danjaye.net, that I had used for a fictional organization (The Lightning Foundation) has been terminated.
In its place stands my personal website (danjaye.lol) which serves as a proper medium for my services, a centerpoint where you can access the majority of what was once available (if not all).

Discontinuation of the "Danjaye Seal"

The "Danjaye Seal" I had established to signal my presence on the development of a website single-handedly has also been discontinued. Instead of using this method I will simply leave credits in some part of the website not immediately visible by visiting its homepage (e.g., a post such as this one or a footer).

Considering re-imagining of "Studio Lightning"

Studio Lightning (studiolightning.com) was once a vision I had in mind for developing movies and video games, distributing them for no price at all. Over time, I have steadily forgotten about the page and its projects. With the new changes I've begun to establish across my projects, there is a chance that I will re-create the studio and begin producing my work there.
None of these speculations are yet claims. There is no guarantee that this will happen, as I originally planned on making projects solely by myself, under no corporate name or institution. Some analytics, however, suggest that it may be a better course of action. More on this later.
Updates will be provided further down the line, for whichever change I've decided to make. Thank you for reading.


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