Drawing the curtains on several of my projects

Written by DanjayeThese programs have reached sunset. However long they have stood by our side, they are now to be discontinued. I will not set foot upon their porch for any year beyond today's; unless the favor of my favorite inspiration, sunlight, shines upon me (in that metaphorical sense). The reasons are listed below:
- No compliancy with general accessibility standards
- Hard-coded material, images tied to self-sustained databases and dependence on other programs for data exchange/on-site interaction
- Rather unceremonious styling and structuring, with what I've earlier stated makes for an impossible task forsaken upon me
Alongside these is a general lack of motivation that I've managed to push back one final time in the spirit of creating what once was a goal: A functioning blog site that anybody could post on and expand with, for the low price of free.
In future dawn you may sense other snippets of sarcasm (or authenticity) presented forth in blogs that share not the same likeliness of UserBlogs and other hard-coded pages; sometimes containing important aspects of what is to come (or what isn't).
In my case, web development is not my dream career (nor, as I can tell, is anything else), thus I will considerably lessen activity in these regions to begin my journey in others. In particular; animation has been on my mind for quite some time, bringing forth hope of creating engaging short films that will capture the hearts of audiences around the world, including my own.
If it isn't apparent on its own, you may begin to notice a shade of silver strewn across a weakening heart; and mine is not far from being shaded in an inky black.


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