The sussest story you ever heard

Written by DanjayeOk guys, so basically this is a very suspicious story.
Once upon a time, there was a boy named Johnny that really liked Among Us. He was playing it in his room alone, worshipping the sacred Impostor. Suddenly, there was a bright light that came out of his screen. He gasped audibly.
"Johnny," came the voice from the screen. "It is your time to accept the Among Us rituals and become an Impostor." Johnny gulped and nodded, grasping the mouse cursor and watching the screen as if his life depended on it.
Suddenly, a tentacle reached out from the computer screen and grabbed Johnny. He didn't even try to fight back as it pulled him into the world of Among Us.
"Oh, yes," said Johnny, crying out in delight as the tentacles punctured certain areas of his body. The impostors were chanting a sort of ritual song as he was dropped on the floor of the spaceship's cafetorium (over which hung a black shroud) and became one with the Impostors.
It was insanely painful, but he knew that the Among Us rituals were required for the ultimate sacrifice to become the next Impostor. The Impostors continued to chant as he started floating into the air, dripping a liquid that gleamed dark red.
Suddenly, a voice rang out from all the rest. "Now this," said a voice (similar to those businessmen sport when advertising their products), "This is the peak of susery! It'll boost the power of Among Us by tenfold."
Johnny looked up from where he was floating in midair as a figure began approaching. "You've already heard it, I presume? The prophecy?" Johnny nodded. "Good. I've heard quite a lot about you as well."
"Sir," came the hissing voice of an Impostor. "Can we kill him yet?"
"No, I'm afraid you can't," said the figure. As he stepped into the dim light, Johnny could make out his features-- a simple white shirt and blue jeans, along with a mischievous smile that harbored a playful nature alien from the environment where they stood.
He was young, too, barely a year older than Johnny; yet the Impostors treated the boy with utmost respect.
"I-- I didn't know there was more to the process," came Johnny's voice, small from the massive amount of blood he had lost a few seconds earlier. "I thought I would be sacrificed, and that would be that!"
"No, no," said the boy, who had his hands in his pockets and an innocent shrug. "You've got it wrong. We can't just sacrifice you; didn't you want to become an Impostor earlier?"
Johnny nodded, unsure of himself. The idea seemed vague now, his life seeming so small and bleak compared to the moment he was living now. "I think so," he managed.
"Good," the boy said. He snapped his fingers, and Johnny dropped to the floor. "Follow me-- any longer in this room, and the Impostors may decide to consume you."
Johnny scrambled to his feet and followed the boy out of the room, glancing behind him to make sure the Impostors weren't on their tail. Once they had made it outside the cafetorium, the boy ducked into the nearest room.
"Here's the deal," the boy said. "My name's Danjaye. I made it onto this spaceship just like you, after months of laughing at the 'sus' jokes online. I never knew that it'd end like this-- never thought that the inner workings of a device like a computer could possibly replicate the fabric of reality we live in everyday without developer intervention. My guess is there's a whole ecosystem down here."
Johnny blinked. "An ecosystem? An ecosystem of living AI?"
"There are thousands of games that exist on this plane," Danjaye continued. "Each of them has come to life accordingly, and we'll have to venture through some of them to escape this place forever." At this, his tone weakened, as if he wasn't sure they'd succeed.
"Slow down, man," Johnny protested. "You're saying that we're stuck inside a computer? My computer?
"Not your computer," Danjaye said. "Recently, there was a massive change to the internal framework of our computers and networks, by an unknown corporation. They're hosting all of these virtual worlds on servers I can't track."
"Wait... we're on their network?" Johnny asked, raising an eyebrow.
"Yeah, we are," Danjaye said. "The perfect place for a hacker to work their magic-- and figure out what's behind all this. I don't want anyone else to fall victim to the Internet memes we know and love. The only reason we don't have a stampede of people marching through these halls is because the update is localized to our city."
"So only those in our city can get the virus," Johnny said. "And if they like the memes we do, they can get sucked into their computer! And get eaten by Impostors!"
"That's right," Danjaye replied. He stopped for a moment as visualizations of his friends came into mind-- especially those that loved the Sus. "Look, we need to stop this before it causes any real damage."
Suddenly, a sound rang out from the cafetorium. Danjaye glanced at Johnny worriedly before rushing towards it.
"My head," said a voice. A familiar greyish beret rose from the pile. "Aw, man, is this Serbia?" He straightened his beret and brushed off his clothes before prodding his two other companions with his foot.
"I'm up," said the figure Greyberet had just prodded. He slowly got up, stretching his arms as far as they would go. "Where are we? Xarowe's apartment?"
"I would never let either of you into my apartment," came another voice. It was Xarowe himself. "Dream on." He stood and took a step forward, trying to focus on the hallway in front of them, where the light was coming from. "Allah? Is that you?"
Danjaye stepped forward and nodded. "It's me, Xarowe," he said. "I've been waiting for you."
Xarowe smiled hazily before taking a slow glance at the other two. "Why'd you bring them?"
"Shut up," Greyberet said, pushing past his friend. "Hey, it's Danjaye. So this is where you've been all this time."
The Impostors began to stir, clearly annoyed by their small talk. The red one stepped forward from the semicircle. "Have you brought these meals for our consumption as gratitude for our diligence? Or is this another ploy?"
"Calm down, fellow Impostors. These aren't crewmates," came Danjaye's firm but cautious voice, giving Skanderbeg and Greyberet a clear sign not to try anything.
"Oh, I see," Skanderbeg said, standing to his full height. "You made Grey and Xarowe a welcoming gift after their flight! That's nice of you, Dan." A few of the Impostors took a step back, sizing up their new guests.
"Anyway," Danjaye said, walking towards the trio and pushing them towards the hallway, "I think that concludes the meeting! Have fun, guys!" He ducked into the same room they had before. Johnny was waiting there, watching the trio with suspicion.
"Who are you guys?" Johnny asked. The trio looked at one another and shrugged, then started moving deeper into the room.
"You really went all-out," Skanderbeg said, sweeping his hand over the polished andesite tabletop. "This is literally an exact replica of the game. Even the floor's made of that familiar metal!" He tapped the floor with his foot a few times to prove his point.
"Look, guys," Danjaye said, motioning for them to each take a seat at the table. He told them about their current situation and watched as their expressions morphed from gratitude to apprehension.
"This isn't a joke, right?" Greyberet said, looking up at him. Danjaye nodded sadly. "How are we supposed to escape this place?"
"I'm not sure," Danjaye said. "I have a sort of plan, though," he said as a grin spread across his face.

In short order, they were moved to different stations on the map. Danjaye had deduced that since they were in the game of Among Us, ejecting the Impostors from the ship and completing all tasks would end the round, and therefore the game.
"It shouldn't be hard," he had said, "unless if it is." Skanderbeg was positioned behind a crate in the lower engine room, fiddling with wires. He didn't know much about electrical handiwork, but within a minute, the engine was roaring to life. He smiled and patted the machine with a greasy hand while lifting the radio to his ear with the other.
"Done with the engines," he reported. The others murmured their assent. He snuck down the hall, careful not to make much noise. The Impostors knew they were up to something, so they had to keep this a secret. Just as he was about to reach the electrical bay, an Impostor turned the corner.
He eyed the green astronaut, but didn't say anything. The Impostor continued down the hall and moved past him. He didn't look back.


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